Poker Manners

Poker Manners or etiquette are not the rules but are a way to maintain the order of the game and civil among those who participate in the game. Many people enjoy learning from this issue as they enjoy learning the required skills to play poker.

Some poker manners are as follows:

Play with a reasonable rate of speed:

Moving on, especially if you are playing on more than one poker table. Because a slow speed player is slow speed, removes the thrill and excitement from the game 우리카지노.


An essential part of the game. As poker is a social game and it requires a lot of concentration and sportsmanship, it is revealed that you are losing the game.

Avoid leaving your seat on your turn:

Play when it is your turn, as you leave your seat every now and then your hands when it is your turn to reveal the essential information to other players and you can loose the whole game.

Don’t show the cards before the showdown:

Both are dangerous and can reveal vital information; one playing out of the show the card before the showdown. It is required also for successful bluffing in the end. So keep your hidden cards and keep the mystery for others.

Keep the poker chip on the table:

Don’t remove the poker chips until you leave the poker table though it is very tempting to keep the poker chips in the pocket if you are winning. It is poker etiquette to leave them on the table only until and unless the game poker is finished.

Stay quiet if you’re not in the hand:

Maintain silence if you are not in hand because the outside commentary is not appreciated. Your opinions, your suggestions, even your body language can affect the remaining players considering their options. Watch and learn and pick up on a “tell” you can exploit in a later hand.

Don’t Discuss Hand with other players:

Don’t Discuss with other players about your hand. If you want to discuss something, discuss it with the dealer and don’t lie about it.

Do not slowly roll your winning hand:

It is against the etiquette of the poker. And it shows poor sportsmanship. Let the dealer read your hand if you’re the element. Show your cards to everyone on the table if you want to fold.

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