A Holistic Approach to PTSD and Depression for Veterans

Conventional treatment doesn’t appear to heal those diseases. Traditional treatment includes talk therapy and pharmaceutical drugs. We don’t know all the side effects from long-term use of those drugs. We do not actually understand how these drugs affect brain chemistry. The holistic approach uses natural products, foods and methods to temper depression and anxiety.

Talk therapy tends to live on the injury as well as the unwanted impacts of the injury. Often it focuses on behaviour problems that result from the injury. The holistic approach uses methods to flush out and forego the injury and saved negative emotions related to the injury.

It’s time for therapy of PTSD and Depression in an individual to include a holistic strategy. A holistic strategy can be incorporated with conventional therapy cbd hemp flower.

A holistic approach focuses on the entire person -mind, body and spirit. It includes positive thinking and mindfulness techniques (brain ), natural supplements, diet/nutrition and exercise (body) and meditation, yoga, Reiki, acupuncture, visualizations and religious prayer (soul ).

Mindfulness, together with positive thinking techniques and internal work, train us to be in the second with complete focus and awareness. They relax us. The inner work incorporates daily heart based prayer and meditation. Mindfulness teaches us to spot when our ideas and emotions are negative or agitated and then proceed back to a place of balance and calm. They teach us to center ourselves in our hearts/body centers, to concentrate on our breath and the details of that which we encounter in the present time through our perceptions and with no ongoing negative thoughts.

Positive thinking techniques teach us to create controlled and focused notions oriented toward work, errands and other positive actions. Theta (as well as alpha, beta and delta) brain wave ) also helps us to unwind the mind and body and enhance positive ideas. Theta (along with alpha, beta and delta) brain wave entrainment exercises along with many meditation exercises are found on YouTube.

These methods help to calm and balance uswhile raising our vibrations. Spiritual techniques also incorporate emotional discharge, which ends the lively grip of trauma.

Reiki, acupuncture and other forms of energy therapy also help cleanse and heal our energy bodies and free us from your energetic grip of injury. Emotional release of this trauma has a therapeutic impact on our thoughts and emotions. Spiritual techniques include approaches to raise our spirits/vibrations. This includes visualizations, deep breathing, music, colour and essential oils.

Herbal supplements are effective to treat depression and nervousness when combined with mind-body-spirit techniques. For depression, these supplements include St. John’s Wort, Sam-e, 5 HTP, Kratom and Colloidal Gold among others. Holistic research also indicates the advantages of N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC), Lactium and L-Theanine along with amino acid nutritional supplements and medical marijuana and CBD oil for depression and anxiety.

For optimistic thinking, it is also important to incorporate positive affirmations into one’s daily routine (to change beliefs from negative to positive) and quietly express gratitude every day for life and the joys of life.

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