Fantasy Football Schadenfreude

Without making this particular article a variation of dictionary , this is the state definition of schadenfreude: Satisfaction or pleasure felt at the other’s hardship, derived from the German Schaden (injury ) and also freude (joy). No where is this emotion more clear than in Fantasy Football!

There is nothing more satisfying than watching a game which traditionally you’d never value, together with players perhaps not really in your team, simply from the hope that the hapless defender your friend comes in his line up might let in twelve or score a personal aim. Perhaps his striker is only going to play with five pointless moments at the ending of the match, and maybe even hit the jackpot with a primary half card – it’s really a minus points bonanza!

Ofcourse the flipside with the also holds true in Fantasy Football baanpolball – uncontrolled jealousy in your companion’s uncanny power to modify his Captain compared to the no-hope player who unexpectedly scores a hatrick or their decision to play with five star defenders most of whom keep clean sheets. Unexpectedly the point-scoring requires a backseat to feelings of despair and revenge – at true British sporting convention. It isn’t the losing I hate, it is another chap winning that really gets my goat!

Of course as the growing season progresses and your team gradually slides down the club, the powerful feelings which plagued every waking minute give way to apathy, depression and a gloomy sense of inevitability. The team starts to take a back chair, Friday nights and Saturday mornings are not spent poring over the latest statistics, however instead visiting friends and perhaps even taking your lady breakfast in bed. Simply speaking, life simply doesn’t feel worth living.

Eventually the one thing that keeps you out of swinging on the end of a rope is your expectation that maybe your Nemesis who has won the last five titles could slide up, make a mistake, forget that their Captain has been suspended. You then become obsessed not with the fortunes of one’s personal team (every single member of which you currently despise and blame for all the pain from the world) but alternatively you descend in to a nightmarish, voyeuristic Fantasy Football Schadenfreude world.

Until next season ofcourse! It will all be different. I will be Fantasy Football Champion!

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