personnel trasnportation

We aim to develp your work process by keep your employee and customer satisfaction at the highest level. Therefore we enable a safe, reliable, comfortable and punctual service from departure to destination point and eliminate the risks caused by delays. For our customers to have a pleasant journey, our expert staff and our top model vehicle pool of the transportation companies are at your service. We are aiming our personnel transfers to be performed in accordance with the legal legislation. We offer high quality service vehicles with GPS systems that can keep vehicle tracking and speed tracking under control.We work in Istanbul, Kocaeli and Gebze.
Save on Time and Cost With Solutions Tailored for You
Cooperating with Ersetur during your personnel transportation service will ensure you to have the quality for your operations and moreover, save on cost Personel Tasimaciligi. Moreover, you obtain additional advantages by making the sustainability of the service you purchase to be secured with improvement targets that we give to our business partners and contracts. You save on work force and time during your procurement process by assuring continuous computation and auditing of the service compliance with the support of our expert staff. When required, you can also find alternative solutions suitable for legal procedures.
As Ersetur Turizm , we are always providing the safest and highest quality service in the field of personnel transport, with the experience that we have given for years, in line with your requests. Personnel transport requires serious involvement and great responsibility. With this awareness of responsibility, we first take the safety precaution in our services.Ersetur Turizm is moving fast in the way of becoming a leading company in the field of personnel transportation and since its principle that the company personnel providing transportation services should be in a safe and comfortable place at the time of business, it offers all kinds of possibilities to personnel transportation service by planning with the finest details and details by the expert staff .
Thanks to our rich vehicle portfolio, we can provide you with all the brands, models and special requests you need. We produce alternative solutions according to your needs and provide you with the most suitable service.We also provide comfortable service, with quality and safety pre-programmed with quality tools that meet all the requirements of ISO standards. We also keep track of vehicle drivers taking into account the principle of continuous supervision and training.
Our understanding of service, cleanliness, attention, security, timely transportation and reasonable pricing are among our most important principles; More important than that Top Customer satisfaction is among our priorities.We provide services in accordance with the transport standards in the framework of the rules to be determined by public and private organizations.

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