Why You Should Avoid The Lemonade Diet Plan?

This diet has been around for 50 years although it went viral after Beyonce, the popular music icon announced that she had lost 20 pounds following this diet. Attractive as it might sound, here are more details about this diet that should make you avoid it at all costs.

How does the lemonade diet plan work?

It works on the simple process of starvation. Lemonade, even when drunk in large quantities can provide only so many calories that will not equal what your previous diet provided. When the body starts to starve, it starts to lose water weight and muscle weight. There will be some fat loss as well although most of the weight loss will be in the form of healthy muscle. The reason why people lose muscle weight and not body fat during starvation is because muscle is more easily converted into energy than fat. Losing muscle would reduce your body weight but you would feel unhealthy and tired. Also, going back to a normal diet after following a lemonade diet for a few days will most probably result in accelerated weight gain. This is because your body’s metabolism would have slowed considerably during the starvation process. It will take your body a while to adjust its metabolism rate even after you stop the lemonade diet as you would have gained weight by the time this might happen lemonade diet.

The myth about the lemonade diet being a master cleanse

There is also the common belief that a lemonade diet plan will rid the body of toxins in just a few days. This is not entirely true. The body will definitely have fewer toxins consumed as most solid foods contain toxins such as preservatives and other chemicals. However, this small advantage is just not worth it when you compare the detrimental effects a lemonade diet plan can have in the form of muscle loss, diarrhea, and changes to metabolism and so on.

Side effects of following a lemonade diet

For those who still follow the this diet in spite of its ill effects, they should be aware of the following side effects. Diarrhea and dizziness are very common. Headaches, fatigue, tiredness, nausea are also other common side effects.

In conclusion, the lemonade diet is a starvation diet that just cannot be good for you. You will lose weight but you have to understand that you will lose weight in an unhealthy manner by losing muscle and water weight. A much better alternative to the this diet would be any balanced diet that eliminates fatty items or bad carbohydrates. A good exercise regimen to increase metabolism levels will also benefit the body in more ways than one.

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